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Forums > Living in Kunming > Am I the only one to be shocked by Top One's add ?

I also think it's a kind of discrimination (even if positive). The numbers of posts show us it's a sensible topic. It just makes us feel different, not equals with chinese. Words used are never innocents. I am not so happy to be assimilated as people who get such discounts : military, senior citizens, students, as they all have reasons to get it (I'm not talking about the segment : girls which can also be a problem). Be careful guys, if you don't give a dam for such "discrimination" (as I did myself before this post). One day this fantastic add can change in "forbidden for the dogs &... the foreigners"..(I'm joking)


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Coffee, a big new market in China.. And what about drinking tea, a such healthy millenary chinese way of life.. if it could disappear & replace.. so great for coffee business ! Wellcome f... S...ks !

Where can you have a drink in a cosy bar listening to Bob Marley, Kaya and a few minutes later, have a live classic guitar show ? (the owners are a group of friends graduated from Yunnan Music University-although some nights can play "stupid" popular chinese balads ah !). Any foreigners.. yet !
So Where ?
Next to Moondog (eheh try find it)



Why f.. hell do u want to eat a pizza in such a cafe ! Just go there & enjoy the nice atmosphere, the nice furniture, have a nice coffee or whatever other drink u want, with a such wonderful staff & director ! I should not say that but I often go there & the staff rush to offer me a glass of water..! Where else can u find that ? They are just wonderful.. (by the way if u want to eat, just go to the superb restaurant in the ancient house called Jiayan, next to there)


Just perfect. The staff (male & female) are so professional. Just move a finger, or eye-catching and your desire will be satisfied in a second with a smile - ah!the french cafe's staff so bad !
The expresso is just.. perfect served with a glass of water.

The atmosphere is just.. perfect with an all white and elegant decor - ah Salvador's so ugly ! With many groups of girls, no foreigners except Mamadou (another french teacher from Sénégal) and I... on friday evening for a philosophy & litterature talk. You all welcome to join us !