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Rock Climbing in Kunming

thatguyted (34 posts) • 0

When and where? I've never done it before, so I'm looking for a place that's suitable for a beginner (necessary equipment supplied, more experienced climbers around for advice, etc.)


Bumble (5 posts) • 0

I want to rock climb!! I've never been, would love to know a suitable beginner's place also.

seven.sides (10 posts) • 0

As far as I know there are two rock climbing walls in Kunming, although I've only been to one. It is a small bouldering wall within a bar. There are lots of experienced Chinese climbers there, who go out to the mountains to climb at weekends. Apparently there are bolted sport routes out there. Not sure if you can get any official training in the wall or not. There are some plimsole type shoes you can use at the wall which are sufficient for a beginner indoors, but if you go out you need to buy some proper rock shoes. there are shops in town that sell them.

If you are looking to learn to climb it should be a good starting point (you should be physically fit though, as it's an overhanging wall), and you will quickly get to know the regulars who are very friendly and help you out with learning technique.

The address is: 学府路25. Xuefu Lu. before the big intersection.

If you google "rock climbing kunming" you should find the webpage for the other wall.

thatguyted (34 posts) • 0

Thanks, seven sides, that sounds like what I'm looking for. I also took a look around gokunming and dug up this info:

Redpoint Climbing
No1, Building 49, Dongjia Wan, Sujia Cun
Tel: 3372350
Getting there: Take No 5 bus to Dongjia Wan (董家湾), the facility is on the West side of Huancheng Dong Lu (东环城路)

I also found that this site created a "rock climbing guide" for KMG, but when I clicked the link, the page had been moved. Anyone from gokunming know how to find that page?

@Bumble - I will be checking out one or both of these places sometime within the next two weeks. Send me a message at mtro[email protected] and we can be noobs together.

semola (12 posts) • 0

both gyms are not really suited for beginners because are really small.
i reccommend red point because...we often go outside climbing(fumin and tuanjiexiang)!
anyway, if you wanna learn climbing the best thing to do is go outside,so buy a pair of shoes and a harness and call one of us.
the more you go the better you ll learn.
the guidebook can be bought at redpoint.
ah, if you can speak chinese is better, i am the only foreigner that trains regularly there.
ps:no shops in town sell rock shoes, go to redpoint and order a pair (about 300 kuai for the cheapest).harnesses are about 500.

semola (12 posts) • 0

ah, redpoint opens on tuesday and thursday evenings from 7 30 until we might be open on monday and wednesday afternoon or evening if i am going there for studying :)

[email protected] (2 posts) • 0

hey everybody!
I'm a climber from the states who is moving to Kunming and is really excited about climbing in the area. Is there in general a big community in Kunming? Any information is appreciated!


email: [email protected]

mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

I would get in touch with Climb Dail .....he's well equiped and very professional.

I dont know of any climbers in kunming but if there are I would also like to meet them and join up....I fly paragliders and have a 4x4 jeep, I know some places near kunming that are very interesting...

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