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Forums > Living in Kunming > EVIL BIKERS!!! Close to you...

Hey guys,
I just took a trip to Guiyang in Guangzhou, and I wanted to get some water after hours. So I walked to the closest vendor I could find which ended up being a few blocks away from the hotel I was staying at, and I didn't feel like walking 4 blocks back so I decided to take a short bike ride back to the hotel thinking it would be cheap and convenient. Instead, it ended up being a horrible experience, the driver took me way out of the city, telling me he knew the place I was going. On the way, he tried groping me from behind, and laughed anytime I told him where I wanted to go in my limited Chinese. We passed the hotel I was staying at, while I said Ting, Ting, Ting! (stop, stop, stop!) and he laughed, and I continued to try telling him to stop and take me back to my hotel for 1/2 an hour as he took me far outside the city and finally dropped me off outside the city limits. I ended up paying 35 rmb for a cab ride back into the city when I could have walked only a few blocks back to my hotel! I'm going to file a police report tomorrow, and probably never take a bike again unless I know the driver. I've taken many bike rides in the past and have never had a problem. Be careful you guys!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > stuck up lao wai

Smile and the world smiles back :)

I was a little disappointed when I moved here, it's not as friendly as most other Chinese cities, or Canadian or American ones for that matter. But then again, some days the KMGcity peeps are super-friendly so maybe it depends on the day? Or the area you're in..? I don't know.

Have you studied the 8 stages of culture shock?

Maybe some people are stuck in some of those bad stages and it makes them want to keep to themselves, or maybe they're having a bad day. Everyone has days where they're preoccupied and aren't in the mood to meet new people too, there are even tons of whiny bad songs written about it.

Whatever the case, just be yourself and if you want to smile at other people, do it! If they don't smile back then that's their loss, there are a lot of awesome people here. Don't be dissed by the unsocial zombies, or the people having bad days.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hash House Harriers

I've heard about this and I would love to join, I've never tried it before. As soon as something is happening or if you need help, I'm in!


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