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rastafeyd (11 posts) • 0

Is it true? Does Kunming really not have the Hash? If there really truly isn't one out there, is there anyone out there who would be interested in setting one up? There's definitely got to be enough expats in Kunming for something like this to happen and the number of places we could run in and near Kunming is seemingly limitless.

If you don't know about the Hash then I suggest you google it, because you're missing out. It's one of the most kick ass things you may ever have the opportunity to join in on.

natteeice (21 posts) • 0

the hash kicks ass.... i would love to do it if you get it up and ready. to those who dont know what the hash is here is the Guangzhuo hash web page. have a look. the hash is all over the world and china.


CaeruleusCaeruleus (48 posts) • 0

I'll be moving back to Kunming sometime this year and have been thinking about setting up a hash in Kunming. I would definitely like to be involved once I get back there.

listentospoon (1 post) • 0

By the way, the Chengdu Panda Hash House Harriers is a pretty well organised lot (read: enough cold beer), and we're always looking for more members!

You can find more info on our site at www.pandahash.com

CPH3. Chengdu's drinking club with a running problem.

CaeruleusCaeruleus (48 posts) • 0

Are there any other hashers out there in Kunming. I don't have time to get something going by myself, but if there is a bit of interest i don't mind sharing the workload.

Bumble (5 posts) • 0

I've heard about this and I would love to join, I've never tried it before. As soon as something is happening or if you need help, I'm in!

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

Kunming has a newish hash - it's done 3 trails, the last of which was run two weekends ago. it was great fun. the event was announced on GoKunming, so i guess the best plan is to keep an eye out here in case more runs are planned.

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