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My wife and some English friends ran into this guy a while back at the Kunming bus station. After having gotten on our sleeper to Yuanyang he came on the bus and said we needed to pay for the extra weight due to our luggage. He demanded 20RMB. Same scam, probably same guy from the sounds of it.

Like mentioned in the above post, he was cordial at first, trying to be friendly, but the minute one of our English friends mentioned that a previous friend of his had encountered this same guy on his trip earlier that summer the guy became incredibly hostile. At one point he threatened that "Westerners drink beer, but Chinese drink Baijiu and I'll kill you". lol. He made sure we all got a good look at his "ID," which of course had a picture in it, but without the proper stamp on it to make it official. After refusing for quite some time to pay the guy, he even tried to tell us it was his bus. Moreover, when it became evident we weren't going to pay him anything he tried to take some of our luggage off of the bus, but we had already clipped it down so he didn't have the time to rascal it away before we made sure he didn't tough our stuff. There was even a point where he went like he was going to bunch my wife in the face, which ended up with me about to punch him in the face. To say the least it was a headache and it delayed the bus for a good thirty minutes at least.

Even being able to speak Chinese none of the other people on the bus were willing to answer that they hadn't paid him out of fear (most were young girls). However, we did call the police and as soon as the guy was a few feet away from the area all the Chinese people told us he was a fraud. It all ended when I was sick of it and started putting my shoes on and he'd called me a "fucker" one too many times (he has a great vocabularly for swearing, and he will try to intimidate you with plenty of cussing). I stood up and started swearing at him in the bit of Kunming language that I knew. When the bus driver heard the swearing, and by then the police had arrived also so the bus driver actually had to do something, the bus driver came on and kicked the guy off. The police called a couple of the Chinese guys off the bus as well and had them testify, though they didn't ask any of us. Don't know what happened to the guy other then one of the Chinese guys told me after getting on the bus that the guy had been a swindler.

Still, my guess is not a whole hell of a lot happened to him if he's back doing it. It's quite clear that the bus drivers are also getting a share, since normally the bus drivers wouldn't just let anyone on the bus, nor would they put up with that shit if they weren't getting their pockets greased. Unfortunate but true. There's not a lot that can make the guy leave except for lots of loud noise, and perhaps the presence of approaching policemen. He's a real scheming SOB and I have my fingers crossed that someone kicks the shit out of him some day.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Lonely Planets

Hey everyone,

I was wondering whether there were any other stores in Kunming, other than Mandarin Books, that has English-language Loney Planets? Thanks in advance.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Motorcycle Shops in Kunming

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for motorcycle shops in or around Kunming and I don't mean the electric scooter shops when I say motorcycle. I'm looking for gas powered motorcycles. Thanks in advance.

Forums > Food & Drink > Thanksgiving Dinner?

Are there any western restaurants out there planning on preparing any kind of Thanksgiving dinner for hungry Americans? Has anyone heard anything?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cost of Ayi and Driver


Do you use a local agency for your Ayi or did you find her through associates or something? If it is an agency, which do you use? Thanks.


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