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Forums > Living in Kunming > Rock Climbing in Kunming

ah, redpoint opens on tuesday and thursday evenings from 7 30 until we might be open on monday and wednesday afternoon or evening if i am going there for studying :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rock Climbing in Kunming

both gyms are not really suited for beginners because are really small.
i reccommend red point because...we often go outside climbing(fumin and tuanjiexiang)!
anyway, if you wanna learn climbing the best thing to do is go outside,so buy a pair of shoes and a harness and call one of us.
the more you go the better you ll learn.
the guidebook can be bought at redpoint.
ah, if you can speak chinese is better, i am the only foreigner that trains regularly there.
ps:no shops in town sell rock shoes, go to redpoint and order a pair (about 300 kuai for the cheapest).harnesses are about 500.

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thanks chris, i ll go check it.
are there any other places?
i ve heard there should be one somewhere near carrefour downtown.
does anyonne know anything about it?


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ah, again, buy the guidebook to have REAL indications about how to get to the Fumin crags and Xiaomoyu.
those are incorrect and incomplete (Fumin has 6 crags, the one listed is old red rock, and you will never get there if you only follow those indications).
support bolting, buy a guidebook!!!!!


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