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Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

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Regarding the time from taking the sample to running the test, it might be worth checking if a hospital near you has their own laboratory on site. The hospital where I normally get tested has a mobile lab in a trailer parked on their grounds, and they usually deliver results in 4 to 5 hours after the sample is taken.

AlPage48 (1380 posts) • 0

My wife and I have had tests done at Yan'an Hospital several times since the spring.

Results have always been in the 4-5 hour range except for that one time when they "lost" my swab somewhere between emergency and the lab.
Hospitals need to be fast because it affects admitting and even some surgeries.

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No need to check nucleic acid in Kunming subway from now on. Today measured the Kunming No. 3 line, line 4, line 5 station, did not let the production of nucleic acid. According to the regulations, from September 18, the bus and subway only require employees to hold the negative proof of nucleic acid test within 48 hours, passengers are recommended to do daily self-monitoring, at least once every 7 days to do nucleic acid testing.# Kunming #

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If I need to go somewhere, I usually can schedule it well in advance and then I actually prefer 12+ hours to get the results, over faster 4h.

As I typically run errands in mornings (including taking the test), I would anyway not get the results in for that morning, and if I get results in 4h, then next day it would only be valid through the morning and not in afternoon anymore - should I need that.

But if it takes 12-18h, the test I'd take in the Monday morning would be valid through all Tuesday.

But much prefer if not needed at all soon!

AlPage48 (1380 posts) • 0

Does anyone here have experience in getting the test done at Richland Hospital? This is the easiest place for me to go now that I can take a bus. We live way out at the beginning of the Z38 route, which goes to Beichen, then turns around.

Two questions:
Is Richland easy to navigate for someone who does not speak English?
Do the test results appear in the WeChat health app?

JanJal (1229 posts) • +1

If not needed for means of transport that's great for getting around, but what about various government offices or even entertainment venues at the destinations, any intel on those?

For example PSB Exit & Entry had 24h test requirement previously. Need to pick up passport this week so will find out.

livinginchina (231 posts) • 0

My wife took the bus and train this morning and confirmed that the covid test is not required. The exception are employees of the train and bus company and I guess some companies.

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