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Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

JanJal (1220 posts) • 0

Today at noon son's kindergarten informed that to cooperate with the epiemic prevention and control, everyone in household must get tested once every 48h this week. Which we promptly rushed to do, as ours was expiring.

Then at 7pm kindergarten informed that due to adjustment of epidemic preventation and control policy, tests are no longer needed at all.

JanJal (1220 posts) • 0

I couldn't help recalling how the previous semester of kindergarten started by adjusting delivery and pick up times of the children to better suit regular daily routines of families (dinner times etc), and thus being better for overall development of the children and society as whole. I think I even mentioned about it on this forum.

Fast forward one week, and same kindergarten had observed that picking up children at this hour coincided with pickup times of neighboring primary school, causing traffic congestion. Citing scientific approach the pickup times were changed back to original.

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