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Many Condo complexes (小区) are giving Covid testing

livinginchina (231 posts) • 0

I don't know. She went out with her friends to a KTV place (She hasn't had a covid test for about 3 days.) She's waiting in line with her friends to take a covid test. Ridiculous isn't it? I'll get the details when she comes back later. As to your comment: "Imagine people going out..." I was thinking the same thing. How can a society function like this. Something has to give.

AlPage48 (1380 posts) • 0

I asked my wife if she had heard about the new covid cases.

She said it was in the news - Xishan district and Anning.

She had not heard about cases in the city center.

fabey (99 posts) • 0

Update from the ground:

19 cases in Kunming (10 symptomatic and 9 asymptomatic).

Reason behind surge is an out-of-town Covid passenger of Didi, who travelled to quite a few places in KM. The Didi driver and daughter were infected, as were subsequent passengers.

Also, previous residential compounds re-initiated lockdown today, for the third time.

For now, details of the situation is probably kept at a hush unbeknownst to central. Reporting upstream may risk a wave of pressure for local officials. City-wide lockdown is a consequence none of us would wish for. So mask up.

JanJal (1229 posts) • 0

In our residential block in the north (Panlong) we were going out to play in the courtyard after dinner, but everyone was ordered to go home.

lemon lover (1003 posts) • +1

The zero covid policy is not to have zero covid but aimed at reducing the impact of Covid. If it is the right policy or not I cannot say, I am not an epidemiologist, but what is known is that the Chinese vaccines efficiency rate combined with in certain area and groups low vaccination rate cannot give herd immunity to protect all.
I am double vaccinated and boosted but that already quite some time ago and with vaccines modelled at the than prevalent strains of Covid. That means basically that I and the rest of China are not prepared, vaccine wise, for the onslaught of Omicron. The result of that would be an overwhelmed health care system that would collapse.
The whole idea of pandemic control is to avoid the collapse of the healthcare system. China till now could avoid a collapse because it could draw health workers from other parts of China that were not affected. If Omicron goes on a stampede this would not be possible anymore. You have to realise that in other countries Omicron had a limited death rate because all the vulnerable people had already died of earlier strains of Covid.
Indeed forever zero covid is not possible but the aim is to buy time to develop Omicron specific boosters that will dampen the impact of epidemic covid in China.

fabey (99 posts) • 0

Reportedly 70,000 in Kunming are now showing yellow health codes.

Foreigners stuck under building lockdown may run into trouble filling out their passport numbers on the Tencent e-form (腾讯文档) on WeChat miniprogram, as only local ID digits can be submitted.

The "big white" (大白) donning hazmat suits will ask you to scan to access this e-form registration for lockdown residents after swabbing throat. This door-to-door testing service may be free or incur a 16 rmb fee depending on your location.

Meituan food delivery still allowed, but are placed at designated areas like the lobby for pickups.

May be wise to stock up on groceries during this time.

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