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Motorcycling in Yunnan

Moose (2 posts) • 0

Hi there. I hope to gain some local info about motorcycles and motorcycling in and around Kunming. I'm based in Beijing, and want to tour this spring festival, so I need a motorcycle, 250-400cc. I'll buy a bike if they are readily available as this seams way cheaper than renting one at $90/day! (as advertised by 'Ride China') Any advice re motorcycle shops and or sensible hire rates. Would also consider shipping my bike if I can get a contact to do it. Thanks.

DanTheMan (608 posts) • 0

I would look into shipping your bike. I think you'll need to register your residence in Kunming to purchase one. Then the process of paying taxes and getting plates can take a few days.

Ask at a local motorcycle shop in Beijing if they can help you ship your bike.

duke is me (59 posts) • 0

If you choose to ship your bike, China Railway Express is a good option; very professional & cheap..
Ship in advance, & it is waiting at KM

Central Station when you arrive..

rejected_goods (337 posts) • 0

if you know that, using of motorcycles are prohibited in the five city districts, meaning you are going to face a lot of fines everyday (there are lot of check points) if you choose to live in the inner city. and any interstate (province?) motorcycle is not allowed to enter kunming city. so think carefully before bringing you own bike. :-)

rejected_goods (337 posts) • 0

yes, there are thoroughfares that motorcycle can pass through the city, the obvious one is 121 street and xi chang road. ...and city circle east..etc :-) and there are also who are willing to take risks or know the check points are. :-) i used to be one of those who take risks but that was years ago. now i am on four wheels. :-)

Haali (1176 posts) • 0

Yeh, ship your bike if you have one in Beijing. Motorbikes are fine outside the second ring road in Kunming, at least that was the rule years ago and I haven't heard that it's changed. Lots of motorbikes ride past my place every day. I have to say I'm a bit jealous, cos I don't have a motorbike license!

GoodHomie (1 post) • 0

Getting a permanent registration to register a new bike is not so difficult, so dont ship your bike here, you can buy a good bike here aswell, it will take coupke days to register it, people who are saying entering a kunming city on a motorcycle is prohibited probably never ridden a motorcycle in kunming, im riding the motorcycle every day, to work and home and anywhere i want pretty much, been stopped by police few time for past few years, so dont say sh*t if you dont know the real deal, just dont go up on the speedway for cars and beijing road dongfeng square, other places are ok to ride, sometimes if the cops see the foreigner they will just tell you to not to do it here, or you might get fined 200 depends on the cop, not much of a problem, you guys sound like kunming is prohibited for riding

DanDare (119 posts) • +1

@goodhomie. So in short you can do it, but it is illegal and you could get fined.

Hope you never get involved in an accident.

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