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Memories of Moondog

Haali (1178 posts) • 0

that was never my experience of it Vicar, I heard that there were a few scuffles there but never saw it happen

Haali (1178 posts) • 0

Much of the Kundu area belonged to the military. Laws changed meaning that military couldn't run businesses any more so all the military owned buildings had to lose their tenants.

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • 0

There are still many areas in the city all shuttered up since the military stopped running them. Wonder if they will be sold off and reopened anytime soon?

Nicy Zhu (45 posts) • 0

I played Texas hold'em and met some friends there before, I will never forget those memories. when I came back to Kunming and longing to stay there for a night founding the pace was closed that make me feel kind of sad.

Xiefei (539 posts) • +1


That area and many others in the city that used to be military remain shuttered. Actually, I passed Kundu the other day, and the central area where all the nightclubs were has now been demolished.

When everything first got shut down, word was they were drawing up a plan to put all the properties back on the market through an auction or other process. My guess is they haven't figured it out yet.

DanDare (141 posts) • +1

My guess would be that the land is owned by government and was allocated for the military to use. The land was abused by local military leaders by building and setting up business on it. Maybe the main business was as landlord. Those days have come to an end, the buildings are now a liability and are being pulled down if they cannot be repurposed for official use.

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