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Memories of Moondog

indosailor (13 posts) • 0

When I arrive in Kunming in 2012 Moondog for me was the neighborhood pub, where I met people, mostly foreigner, and which helped me to find by my ways in Kunming. It was also the meeting point for the very impressive amateur Musik scene in Kunming. I felt immediately home in this place and until it was sold in 2015 to new owners I spent countless enjoyable hours there, meeting people having good talks but I remember best the many gigs I played there with Joost. Sure it wasn't the place where you take your future in-laws for a first meeting, but it was always fun to be there and enjoy Fried's unbeatable collection of fine Whisky's. I am and always will be grateful for Joost's and Fried's friendship. I left Kunming for good in 2017.

WayoftheSun (52 posts) • 0

i used to go to moondog all the time. Fried was wonderful, helped me out more the once. i always got in fights with Joost while drunk. some great memories there. i painted the moondog mural there before the place closed, and the dragon at the second location.

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