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To Teach in Kunming or Not To Teach

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I'm an experienced teacher with Masters Degrees in TESOL and Education (and a TEFL certificate). I enjoy teaching abroad, lived in Japan and Chile where I taught for 3 years each, and am looking to do some more of it before I get too old (i'm 53) now that my kid is grown. Making a bit more money to pad out my retirement funds would be a nice bonus.

Not to sound arrogant but based on my research, finding good teaching work with my credentials should be easy anywhere in China as long as I recognize there may be pandemic issues including hotel quarantine.

Can you people recommend some schools and strategies for finding work in the area? Beanstalk seems to be a place hiring foreign teachers? I'd prefer high school and/or uni but I'm flexible. I hear high school pays better in China. I'm looking at Kunming because of the air quality and moderate temperatures (not a fan of excessive heat, humidity, freezing temperatures and giant clouds of impenetrable smog). I'm working under the assumption going through recruiters has some drawbacks and contacting schools directly would be preferable.

Any and all advice or comments would be very appreciated. Xiexie

bubblyian (53 posts) • 0

You should be aware that China is closed to non-Chinese (since 28 March), and that this ban may last a long time!

Upstate NY (10 posts) • 0

I'm pretty flexible about when I could come. I think August would be the earliest.

Yeah, the virus throws a giant wrench into the works. It probably doesn't help that I'm living in the state that's becoming notorious for the highest number of positive cases. So I'll need to see how this all plays out. Meanwhile I'm hiding out at home.

I'm starting to become convinced that teaching at a university at about 16 teaching hours a week and then picking up privates would be the way to go. Lots of liberty to teach how you want without parents demanding more homework. Does that sound doable in Kunming?

herenow (354 posts) • +2

Please be aware that teaching private lessons outside of the job your visa is specifically for is illegal and can get you detained and deported. This can happen for example if you have a dispute with a student, or if somebody with a CCP neighborhood committee gets wind of what you're doing and passes word up the line. It is quite a low-probability risk, but still a risk.

Upstate NY (10 posts) • 0

I understand the risks. I was contractually forbidden from doing it in Japan but did it anyway. Is someone ratting me out more likely in a place than Kunming than say a bigger city like Shenzhen?

michael2015 (728 posts) • 0

One final note. Sixty is the mandatory retirement age for males in China. If you're over sixty - there's a very low probability that any school will hire you.

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Sixty is the mandatory retirement age but most schools don't want teachers over the age of 45-50. At least the adverts I've seen on GoKunming.

hongxiongmao (50 posts) • +1

It's not about probability of someone ratting you out, that is probably low actually. What could happen is that authorities do a crackdown on foreign teachers working in schools and from there on discover any illegal activities.

Recent semesters things have tightened up with more check ups in school even in a smaller place like Kunming.
As Liumingkie mentioned, the age could be an issue for a contract to begin with as well.
Good luck!

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +1

Why would you want to come to China at a time where I see things getting worse in terms of USA vs. China relationship. The writing is on the wall. I'm leaving China after 14 years next year.

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