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Visa-Overstay Amnesty

GeogramattGeogramatt (203 posts) • 0

@duke is me

To answer your question, yes there ARE flights between the US and China right now. But they are limited in number and expensive. China Southern flies between Guangzhou and Los Angeles twice a week. You could get to Guangzhou from Kunming in 8 hours by HSR.

duke is me (64 posts) • 0

Thanks, Geogramatt.. I am in a bad bargaining position with China, but hope to avoid transiting in the US for a destination in Europe.. That would involve 35 hours of flight time, plus layovers, Covid exposure, etc..

michael2015 (784 posts) • 0

If you don't have a valid travel passport - you can only return to your country of citizenship, unless you're attempting to claim something akin to asylum a la Edward Snowden.

You MAY be able to get the US Consulate or Embassy in China to issue you an emergency passport (contact their emergency number).

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

A small point to consider, but don't you also need a valid passport to enter Europe?

Michael's suggestion for an emergency passport could be appropriate no matter what.

duke is me (64 posts) • 0

@Michael2015 & AlPage48

Sure, the PSB has my expired passport, and will have to make their own arrangements for a new one. I can't fly to the Guangzhou Consulate without one..
If I have to return to the US, it will only be in transit to Europe, but will validate China's criteria..
The authorities have been cool: a present of 1/2 kg of Pu'an tea, took me out for dinner, etc..

@Lemon Lover

Would Europe grant asylum?
I actually receive unlimited one-year visa's from a friendly mafia government, so no problema..

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