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Visa-Overstay Amnesty

AlPage48 (1232 posts) • 0

"extended every month" is not exactly the right choice of words.

I have one of those.

The correct wording would be "replaced every month with another".

I hope your friend has enough pages in his passport.

hongxiongmao (49 posts) • 0

Don't shoot the messenger! I just share his experience and wording for whoever needs to see this. Passport pages could become a problem if the second wave of COVID-19 gets bad; if not, it should be alright.

SpartansSpartans (184 posts) • 0

DUd you had a 6 months overstay, balls of iron ! I'm going to reapply for my Visa on the actual day of expiration and I'm already shittin myself...

Tom69 (112 posts) • 0

Geogramatt, that's a terrible idea at the moment. Might work during normal times but now there is heightened scrutiny. Once inside those countries you would be detained, tested, quarantined and then deported. Perhaps back to your home country.

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