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Visa-Overstay Amnesty

AlPage48 (1232 posts) • 0

There's a little catch to decide who gets what treatment.

My wife is Chinese born but a Canadian citizen.

If she had still been a Chinese citizen I would have been given a new residence permit, but I don't have a Chinese relative, so I'm told I must go out, even though I can't.

The odd bit in that is that they want me to go and spend my money in another country rather than here in China.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

That really sucks! This really creates a lot of stress. They don't get you a good and fair solution. It's a big F*** you! Hope it works out for you and your wife.

AlPage48 (1232 posts) • 0

I just read the update about international flights in/out of China on hold till at least October.

The government's decision to NOT grant extensions to those pesky 90 and 180 day stays is going to create a lot of extra and unnecessary work for the fine folks at the PSB.

AlPage48 (1232 posts) • +2[...]

"Friday May 22 update: The restrictions on international flights to and from China have been extended until at least October. This means in effect that foreign nationals cannot enter China, unless you are eligible for a rare exemption — diplomats etc."

duke is me (29 posts) • 0

Wait, what?

There are now only domestic flights for all of China?
As there is no more Covid here, this feels more like precautionary war footing..
How are we supposed to escape this place?

GeogramattGeogramatt (196 posts) • 0

So, Yunnan's international borders with Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam are quite porous. The vast majority of the border is unfenced, unguarded, and and easy to cross. All you need is a map and GPS. When I lived in Yunnan, I used to cross those borders all the time, and was never once apprehended by any authorities.

So I'm just wondering...for those who are stuck in China and want to get out, what would happen if you snuck across the border to Myanmar or Laos or Vietnam? You'd probably make it across the border just fine. But you might run into trouble once you tried to get a room in a hotel, once they realize that you don't have a valid visa. So my question is, what would happen then? Would the Lao or Vietnamese authorities deport you? To where? Back to China? (I doubt China would accept you). Then back to your own country? Isn't that what you wanted in the first place?

hongxiongmao (49 posts) • 0

Someone in my circle on LinkedIn just shared his Chinese"humanitarian" visa issued in Dongguan. He normally has a business visa with multiple entries and they issued him this new temporary type of visa that can be extended every month until things returns to "normal".

It was also stated that everyone currently in China needing an extension can get it, so it's worth a try asking for this if your visa is expiring soon.

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