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Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

They are starting to built a 1000 bed hospital in Wuhan in 5-10 days.

They should

live stream it.

AlPage48 (1221 posts) • 0

I heard about that quick build hospital yesterday, and my source was a doctor in Wuhan.

He said 6 days.

There's no way a concrete building can go up that fast, so they must be using some kind of prefab.

It's also supposed to be just a temporary thing for the current crisis.

mihani (17 posts) • 0

Pitching a giant makeshift tent wouldn't suffice. Ventilation and heating for 5 degrees Wuhan weather.

Separate rooms for suspected cases in quarantine. Better reception floor design to handle high occupancy to avoid congestion and stampede.

What really matters are enough well trained personels in handling contagion with abundant supplies and equipments to tackle worst possible scenario of outbreak panic.

Currently the mortality rate in China is 3.67% (calculated by 41 deaths divided by 1118 confirmed cases) if contracted. 6.6% in Wuhan.

Imagine for every 100 times you cross the street, 3 to 4 times you'd fall dead.

Enough reason to take Geezer's advice to just stay home (unless absolute necessary) to avoid the risks.

Geezer (1931 posts) • 0

@AlPage48 I have seen photos of the Wuhan hospital construction on twitter, just the initial site grading on Jan 22. I gotta think 6 days is ambitious.

DanDare (100 posts) • 0

@mihani, you said, "Imagine for every 100 times you cross the street, 3 to 4 times you'd fall dead."
That statistic is fundamentally flawed. It is unhelpful, it is misinformation, and is potentially dangerous as it feeds the panic narrative. Please be more careful.

mihani (17 posts) • 0

Dan wrote, "It is much more likely that you will get killed by a car, whilst rushing to the pharmacy to panic buy your masks."

So what is the probability of getting killed by car en route to local pharmacy?

3 to 4 deaths per 100 trips to pharmacy?

No. Far from it. But that is the analogous 3.6% mortality rate for those infected. This example is used to compare your 'death walk to pharmacy' scenario. And please, don't quote mine out of context.

Downplaying the severity of a possible pandemic that may exhibit exponential growth potentials is dangerous. The rate of spread of this virus given confirmed cases in short amount time is alarming.

Collective action problem arises when some folks undermine social responsibility of self-protection in the face of an outbreak. Imagine if everyone blew off wearing mask with mindset of letting others wear those uncomfortable things while I myself breathe the unobstructed air.

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