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New Coronavirus

mihani (17 posts) • +3

New development.

The latest information is meant to protect the community. Following knowledge is not intended to fear monger:

Researchers from The Lancet just published a medical journal study showing "people without symptoms could be spreading the virus."

The study suggests "people infected with the new coronavirus might be able to spread it even if they do not have flu symptoms." Hence, spreading the virus without knowledge they already have it.

Professor Kwok-Yung Yuen, MD (author of study), said in an interview. “This is exactly what makes this new disease difficult to control." Characterizing the disease as "asymptomatic walking pneumonia."

If true, thermal screenings at transportation hubs will be partially effective.

To read entire study:


Interview source:


GoKunming (161 posts) • +1


Here you can get a free online consultation with respiratory and infection experts from the First Affiliated Hospital of the Kunming Medical University and the First Provincial Hospital in Kunming.

This way you can avoid going to the hospital and potential cross-contamination there.

mihani (17 posts) • 0

Has the sealing of cities ("封城") of Hubei with roadblocks been extended to any Yunnan hotspot townships?

Awaiting official or eyewitness confirmation that non-authorized vehicles are not permitted to enter Dali, as rumored.

GoKunming (161 posts) • +2

***topic tidied up***

No sharing of hearsay or rumors please, it's not helpful. Only verified information with links to sources.

JanJal (1097 posts) • 0

Does anyone have web link for traffic authority, or whatever entity it is that governs allowance of vehicles in and out of cities? For example Dali and Kunming?

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