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New Coronavirus

GoKunming (143 posts) • +2

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No sharing of hearsay or rumors please, it's not helpful. Only verified information with links to sources.

JanJal (1029 posts) • 0

Does anyone have web link for traffic authority, or whatever entity it is that governs allowance of vehicles in and out of cities? For example Dali and Kunming?

tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • +1

***topic tidied up***
Please do not start discussions inviting speculation, personal opinion, or hearsay. It is not helpful. Only verified facts with links to sources. Anything else will be deleted.

JanJal (1029 posts) • +3

You'd have to consider cons and pros. It could be safe, but depending on your reasons to come, it may not be worth it.

In particular, if you come for tourism, lot of the places you'd probably want to visit will for sure be closed down.

herenow (334 posts) • +3

This article gives a good overview of what is known to date about the virus:[...]

Some key figures from the article:

- The virus's mortality rate is currently measured at 4%, vs. 10% for SARS.

- Estimates of the virus's infectiousness (R0) range from 1.4 to 4.0, vs. 2 to 5 for SARS. (Higher R0 numbers mean greater infectiousness. More on R0 here: )

Disclaimers obviously apply in terms of how much to trust the official figures, especially at this probably-still-early stage and given that the virus takes up to 14 days to incubate (link: ).

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