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New Coronavirus

GoKunming (143 posts) • 0

***topic tidied up***

Hearsay and 'news' without sources is not welcome on the forum.

We are working on an article that will be updated live with VERIFIED news with regards to hospitals, transportation etc.

Thank you all for staying level headed and keep your chin up.

GoKunming (143 posts) • 0

*** topic tidied up ***

Again: 'news' without any source whatsoever will not be allowed. News coming from dubious sources will also be deleted. This is up to the moderators' discretion.

If you have a question about moderation, shoot us a message through the contact form, thank you.

john-doe1983 (64 posts) • +1

Here’s a summary of what we now about the coronavirus outbreak so far on Tuesday:

106 people have died from coronavirus in China

China has more than 4,500 confirmed cases, with nearly 1,000 in a critical condition

China’s Health Commission says that the main transmission is through “respiratory droplets” (coughing) and then touch.

Incubation is generally 3-7 days, maximum 14 days, the commission says

The US has updated its travel advice to the highest level which means avoid all non-essential travel to China

Asian markets have fallen on concerns about the virus spreading

Germany has recorded its first case of the virus as has Sri Lanka

Australian state of NSW advises school children returning from summer break not to go back if they have been in China in past two weeks

Several countries are sending charter flights to evacuate their citizens

source: www.theguardian.com/[...]

Yi_Xiao (2 posts) • 0


This isn't a very active forum as you probably have noticed. I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions on why that is so.

At the same time, I will say that I, personally, like the way updates regarding this virus is handled here. Many forums allow users to post all manner of absolute nonsense regarding this situation and it's good to keep a level head in situations like this.

tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • +2

***Topic tidied up***
Please refrain from doing crude statistical analysis, especially if you are not qualified. Raw data, that is constantly changing, and using small numbers, is unreliable and unhelpful. As has already been highlighted.

JanJal (1029 posts) • +2

I second @mihani.

We don't all read Chinese, and not all can (for obvious reasons) access foreign news even if it had information relevant to Kunming or other smaller cities.

Ask our Chinese family and friends? More rumours, hearsay, misunderstanding, and lost in translation there than anytime on this forum.

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