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How is Kunming doing on the whole in regards to this outbreak?

Are businesses still open or are many people afraid to leave home? I'm specifically referring to this virus because many many restaurants here in Nanjing are closed until this virus situation gets under control (unrelated to Chunjie). This is what I have been personally told by at least eight different restaurants, so I'm really starting to get worried.

I'm supposed to be catching a flight there but need to be sure everything is on the up and up first.

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You'd have to consider cons and pros. It could be safe, but depending on your reasons to come, it may not be worth it.

In particular, if you come for tourism, lot of the places you'd probably want to visit will for sure be closed down.

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This article gives a good overview of what is known to date about the virus:


Some key figures from the article:

- The virus's mortality rate is currently measured at 4%, vs. 10% for SARS.

- Estimates of the virus's infectiousness (R0) range from 1.4 to 4.0, vs. 2 to 5 for SARS. (Higher R0 numbers mean greater infectiousness. More on R0 here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_reproduction_number )

Disclaimers obviously apply in terms of how much to trust the official figures, especially at this probably-still-early stage and given that the virus takes up to 14 days to incubate (link: www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51254523 ).

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Kunming long distance buses (客运车) will be suspended at midnight. Need link. Please assist.

Also, China confirmed cases jumped to 4428 overnight.


Mostly Wuhan. From 698 last night, to 1590 reported this morning. Over 100% increase.

The 5 million Wuhan citizens who snuck out lockdown is disconcerting, as mentioned by Mayor of Wuhan.

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Not sure if this one snuck out, but we had a wuhan resident in our apt. complex and the cops were out in full force.

Now the guards are checking the temperature of anyone coming into the apt complex, perhaps they are doing this everywhere...
Anyhoo, just an anecdotal story.

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