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I am looking for couscous

DanTheMan (620 posts) • +4

@tiger I found tons of options at low prices just searching taobao for couscous. For example: 【COUSCOUS中东米中东小米意大利米维苏古斯古斯面食500G 5分钟速食m.tb.cn/h.VaOQm5V?sm=0993a3 ↑↓擊鏈ㄣ接再选择瀏覽嘂..咑閞ヽ;或椱ァ製这句话₳Ul101YzqykF₳后打开

tigertigerathome (172 posts) • +1

@DanTheMan, thanks. Lots of reasonably priced items when I searched for 'couscous'. I didn't think of searching for 'couscous' , I searched for the translation '库斯库斯' (kusikusi) and found furniture. hahahahahha.

@Satii, I was looking for reasonably priced :-) but thanks for trying.

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