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i would suggest you a place BEHIND a mcdonald's, the one in hongshan dong lu, banzhu cui yuan
better hamburger for sure!!


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DOLCE VITA is making gelato in traditional artisanal italian way, which means less chemical, bases and definitely much more taste!

Finally it Kunming is turning to QUALITY food
well done, strongly recommended!


@cloudtrapezer sorry about my 4 stars review, owners should have a ZERO option to answer reviews, i will suggest to Gokunming managers (i am giving 1 star to this review, so it should be fair enough)
As you could have seen in all my answers, i am used to NEVER reply to critics about our dishes (recently someone said UNEATABLE, poor and so on) because we are all free and different, personally i could like a food that is considered uneatable for others, and i accept all the critics in constructive way.

I am sorry if you are not going to be here anymore, but this is a forum, people write their opinions, good critics and bad critics (thank you to have written that you consider us the best western restaurant after Sofitel)
But if anybody write Cantina is expensive, of course i reply immediately. As i am very frequently eating in ALL other Kunming western restaurants i know very well prices, it's a fact that we are the cheapest (of course mixian places are cheaper than us).
I would like to continue this conversation face by face, with a good bottle of wine, my treat, anytime you want