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Best Pizza in Kunming

BoJoke (33 posts) • +2

hermit, do you add cherry tomatoes and/or tomato puree to yours at Casa dell'eremita (aka House of Hermit in Italian)?

Chinese use brick ovens for Peking roast ducks, not pizzas. Here in Kunming, baked breakfast pizza rolled up like burritos are sold as erkuai. lol

imho, the "best" pizzas are not baked in electric ovens, but in a wood fired masonry oven.

colinflahive (167 posts) • 0

Hey all, Salvador's pizza is now available on our main Meituan menu for delivery throughout the city. So now you can get items from Salvador's Coffee House, Salvador's Loft and the new Salvador's Mosaic Bistro all in one order.

We have just opened the doors to the new place on Wenlin Jie (the old French Cafe) and have a small menu to start with as we grow into the space. Come check us out if you're looking for a new spot to hang out.

sezuwupom (41 posts) • 0

For those who've curiously passed by Green Lake's Yunn Coffee Roasters and spotted their pizza and creamy pasta poster boards. Their dinning facility, dubbed Slow Food Park, is equipped with a giant masonry wood-fired brick pizza oven on the second floor open kitchen.

I'm not attempting to rate the newcomer as one of the top pizza joints in town compared to Humdinger or Sals, but they certainly have potential based on several visits.

A few photos uploaded below:


Customers can choose to dine outside. First floor patio is spacious under the canopy of trees. Impressive ambience and view overlooking the lake.

For early risers, first 10 customers (who request it) would receive a free cup of Americano. During this trial business operations, Yunn cafe opens at 8am, and restaurant at 10am.

sean1sean1 (82 posts) • 0

@sezuwupom, definitely gonna check it out! Also dope place deep down at the end of 文化巷 called 木鱼 with killer pizzas as well. Kunming's pizza world is as diverse as it is awesome.

sezuwupom (41 posts) • 0

No pastries, yet. I believe only waffles now. Regular waffles priced at 28rmb, 35-38rmb with ice cream. Whip cream and fruit toppings included.

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