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Best Pizza in Kunming

colinflahive (159 posts) • +2

@JosephL, sorry about the bad showing for your first time trying Sal's pizza. We are still training our staff and working towards a solid product. If possible, please pm me when you ordered and what pizza so we can further address the issue.

@sezuwupom, we did choose the top tier for delivery, which is the most costly and the fastest. Unfortunately, this also means that Meituan gives us a smaller delivery zone, at least for the first 6 months. If someone outside our zone does want to order, it is still possible through the Meituan Paotui 跑腿 option.

bubblyian (13 posts) • +1

Pizza Hut at Beichen - I like deep pan and elsewhere in KM all are flat and too crusty. Recommend the duck pizza!

sezuwupom (32 posts) • 0


Meituan "paotui" aka 跑腿 is the name of their expedite, in-town parcel delivery service I was referring to. During raining/flooding periods such as today, the system automatically adds 4 rmb (flat rate) to "paotui" delivery rates by distance.

I checked out Sal's Meituan delivery. Menu items include quesadillas, burritos, salads, cheesecakes, coffees whatnot, but no pizzas to choose from. What am I doing wrong?

Btw, pictures of all the dishes look very delicious w/ easy-to-read English language labels.

ricsnap (183 posts) • +3

Believe it or not, Cantina has got some of the finest pizza in the world. I say this even if I am not a fan of that bunch of restaurants in Banzhu place. An I ate a ton of different pizzas in my life.
With some evident distance there's also Humdinger, As you like, Slice of Heaven (only their aubergine plus goat cheese one, tho).
Brooklyn's will give you a very hard time to digest it.

sezuwupom (32 posts) • 0

The durian (Thai imported) pizza I recommended on the 3rd post of this thread is now 50% off.

Durian-packed 8 inch pizza just 24.99 yuan inside Q+Life Supermarket at TKP Shopping Mall. Payment via Q+Life WeChat mini program (同德店).

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