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Carrefour Giving Up On China

herenow (288 posts) • 0

Agree with the above. Though the newer Metro store on Guangfu Lu is less bad, and I would even say tolerable to decent.

JanJal (931 posts) • -1

I also don't think that environment in Carrefour is much worse than other mentioned western chains. In any case, vastly superior to some local/Korean chains that I sometime visit. They don't even stay running very long usually.

But as I wrote earlier, in last couple of years I've seen more high quality chain stores popping up in Kunming.

I'll add another perspective though.

What separates Carrefour from Metro, and to some extent Walmart, that there are so many Carrefours. I have 2 Carrefours within short walking distance, but only 1 Walmart and either Metro needs subway or bus.

I think this may be relevant to Chinese shoppers - when foreign anything becomes too mundane, they choose something else.

It's not only the overall saturation of supermarkets, but saturation of the single brand. Have too much of something, and it becomes devalued.

This may be unique factor in China and few other countries, that does not exist in western markets.

dolphin (513 posts) • 0

> but saturation of the single brand. Have too much of something, and it becomes devalued.

but how come there isn't more competition? tesco is in thailand. how come they never made it to china? or maybe they did, but i never saw one.

lemon lover (829 posts) • +2

“claustrophobic, airless, windowless firetraps” we only tolerate if they serve tab beer and the like . If they do that we happily spend all our free time there ;-)

JanJal (931 posts) • -1

Essentially, what do these foreign retail chains even compete against? Each other, or Chinese wet markets for freshies and small corner stores for dry goods?

Things like Luosiwan in Kunming could be competition against foreign hypermarkets.

These may be hard to crack for huge companies that either launch with 100 big stores nationwide, or not at all.

In west retail companies struggle to satisfy ethical and other considerations of their customers, and if they disregard that in China (like they would have to, if they want to stay profitable), it could backfire in other markets.

Ishmael (461 posts) • 0

Huge private corporations concentrate huge amounts of wealth, influence & power in undemocratic hands.

cloudtrapezer (735 posts) • -1

Ishmael is right. I avoid Carrefour at all costs because its stores in China are so awful, but let's not forget all the people who will lose their jobs.

tigertiger - moderator (5014 posts) • -1

Carrefour is selling and 80% stake, does not necessarily mean that stores will close. Initially stores and staff will be absorbed by the new owner Sunning. For those areas that do not currently have a Sunning presence, t first all that will change will be the name on the door.

l4dybug (65 posts) • -1

A few years back, Alibaba bought 20% of Suning because it needed a brick & mortar presence. Carrefour is now their opportunity.

Very soon you will see flagship Carrefour on TMall, along with their preexisting TMall Supermarket and HeMa.

Together, same day delivery will become a reality for major cities. Carrefour logistics will be revamped by Cainiao AI at peak efficiency.

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