Posting items containing Li-ion batteries.

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Any ideas/solutions? I'm having trouble finding a courier to accept an item containing Li-ion batteries to deliver to Shanghai. It's nothing to do with the size (110cmx45cmx45cm) or the weight (about 15kg). Of the 6 or so kuaidi companies I've contacted so far, most say that the rules are very strict now and that only 'new items can be sent directly from the factory'. This is frustrating to say the least. ideas or possible solutions greatly appreciated.

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@michael - good question.

Anyway, Thanks everyone, it's done now... it was send overland (freight) as others had suggested.

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My son runs an online biz selling flashlights (expensive ones that I wouldn't buy) some with LiOn batteries. He said if the battery are in the device there is no problem. Shipping loose batteries is a pain in the butt which he tries to avoid.

I have bought LiOn batteries from Amazon and they come well padded and special labeling on the box.

Last week, I got two 24V10AH (240WH) Polymer Li-ion batteries, 1.6Kg each, sent to me from China via a forwarder in the US.

Well padded and special warning label, delivered by FEDEX. BTW - 18 days from order to in my hands in California.

Search Youtube for videos of exploding Li-ion batteries.

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Commercial shippers (in the battery business) usually no problem - it's the individuals that terrify the shippers as they really have no idea what you're shipping, so they err on the side of incapacitating fear - and the law.

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Some weeks ago I stood still for two hours at the motorway to Shilin while a few kilometres in front of us a truck burn down. Wandered what might have caused the fire.

This thread gave me an option of one of the possibilities.

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