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pro audio gear in Kunming?

mr_microphone (7 posts) • 0

Does anyone know of a place in Kunming to pick up professional sound equipment? things like professional field / studio headphones (not DJ-ing cans), recording equipment, microphones, etc...?

RossP (14 posts) • 0

Same question here, a year later: does anyone know a place in Kunming to buy Sennheiser headphones? The local Suning didn't do the trick. Thanks.

austinpickers (11 posts) • 0


Great, great website! Sennheiser headphones ON SALE NOW!
I just got a WD 2TB hard drive for the same cost as Costco back home in California.

I'm a filmmaker in Zhengzhou and I use Newegg a lot! Real stuff...no counterfits and good prices.

RossP (14 posts) • 0

Thanks, austinpickers and vuitton. Just found there's an authorized Sennheiser dealer who has some other good stuff and is pretty knowledgeable, buried inside the Yi Er Yi Digital City (Shumacheng). They're also working on getting a pair of Sennheiser's fixed for me (sending them to a company factory in China).


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