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I am an American living in Zhengzhou. During my various trips to Yunnan I have become quite fond of Yunnan coffee (REAL Yunnan coffee!).
Last time I was in Kunming, I stocked up on Yunnan coffee only to find it really wasn't very good. Maybe it was fake or maybe it was old.
I would really like to find a website or someone that will ship me the real deal. When I was in Dali, I bought some instant Yunnan coffee that was quite good but I've lost the guy's business card.
Could someone steer me in the right direction???
Ed H.


No results found.


One of the great joys of my almost ten year Chinese odyssey was discovering this cool little hole in the wall called Bad Monkey five or six years ago. When I returned to Dali six months later, Carl & Scott had expanded into the best pub/restaurant in Dali. And last Summer, I was fortunate to be there for the unveiling of the new microbrewery and the best beer I've tasted since I lived in Europe many many moons ago.

Most Americans reading this will remember the TV show, Cheers...the place "where everybody knows your name". That's the Bad Monkey! Carl and Scott are two big reasons I keep coming back to Dali.
What an incredible success story...Two guys from London come to China and carve a nitch for themselves and create the best beer in Asia.
I've got quite a few pictures and videos of the place on my Flickr page. Perhaps it will give you some idea of the fun and madness...

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it to Dali this Summer, new baby and all. Hmmm...wonder how much it costs to ship a keg or two to Zhengzhou???



I was there last month for the world premiere of Bad Monkey's new micro-brewed beer and I gotta say it's the best beer I've tasted in years!

Everyone around me seemed to agree that the brewmaster was on to something very very special.
Give it a'll see.