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Looking for mail order YUNNAN COFFEE

austinpickers (11 posts) • 0

I am an American living in Zhengzhou. During my various trips to Yunnan I have become quite fond of Yunnan coffee (REAL Yunnan coffee!).
Last time I was in Kunming, I stocked up on Yunnan coffee only to find it really wasn't very good. Maybe it was fake or maybe it was old.
I would really like to find a website or someone that will ship me the real deal. When I was in Dali, I bought some instant Yunnan coffee that was quite good but I've lost the guy's business card.
Could someone steer me in the right direction???
Ed H.

somenick (107 posts) • 0

Just be careful to tighten the retainer nut on top, otherwise the screw will be damaged and the handle cannot be attached securely anymore.

Actually, it's the same problem with all compact grinders.

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