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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Gongshan to Shangrila

A road is being built from Nujiang over to Lancangjiang, but wasn't finished at least last time I checked. With a strenuous three-day hike over tough terrain and with a guide, it is possible to walk it: you can arrange at the travel office in Gongshan or with Aluo in Dimaluo. Not too many villages up in the high mountains, and the track isn't too clear either. After that, getting from Lancangjiang (a village like Cizhong) over to Shrangila would be another tough hike, I think, or you should be able to bus it...

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Nu Canyon, Lugu Hu, Tengchong : Advice needed

Pretty sure there are no direct buses from KMG to Gongshan, as there haven't been for the past few years. Closest you can get is Fugong (~14-15 hr. ride), there should be two overnight buses from the KMG's Western bus station around 6 or 7 pm. Once you're in Fugong, there should be a connecting bus headed to Gongshan that usually leaves right away (another 4 hours or so). I saw a foreigner bring a bike on the bus up to Fugong without any problems last year.

Forums > Living in Kunming > pro audio gear in Kunming?

Thanks, austinpickers and vuitton. Just found there's an authorized Sennheiser dealer who has some other good stuff and is pretty knowledgeable, buried inside the Yi Er Yi Digital City (Shumacheng). They're also working on getting a pair of Sennheiser's fixed for me (sending them to a company factory in China).



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This place is solid -- a new, low-key coffee oasis very centrally located, with flowing wi-fi, good espresso drinks, standard prices. Also a great place for laptop work, but you might want to bring headphones (unless you like looped American Christian rock).