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chocolate that isn’t snickers?

Zzzed (1 post) • 0

Is there anywhere in Kunming that sells any British and or American chocolate bars besides snickers dove Hersey’s and m&ms? I would kill for a twix or a reeses or anything of the sort. Desperate.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • +3

I have only really seen bars of chocolate, as opposed to chocolate confectionery. Go to Metro and look in the imported chocolate section. There is a wide range of chocolate bars from Europe. There is usually most of the range of Ritter chocolate bars; including cornflake, hazelnut, rum and raisin, fruit and nut, yogurt, praline, etc. Ritter also do a multipack of mini bars, so that you can try all of the flavours. Metro also have had all three types of Toblerone, dark, milk and white choc. On other occasions they have had Snickers Almond, and Snickers Oats. they do have some other choc confectionery, but European import, not twix or picnic etc.

bilingualexpat (219 posts) • +4

lol, didn't get enough Dove chocolate bars from trick-or-treatin'?

You're in luck. Watsons sell both Twix and Reeses in their confectionery section. Sometimes placed in the special discount corner of the store and sold for 1 (90% off) if expiration date lands on the same month. Oh yeah, they sell Kit Kat too.

Italian Ferrero Rochers are also worthy substitutes. They are omnipresent at local supermarkets, Walmart, and Carrefour. The latter offer imported chocolates like ones from Belgium you ought to try.

A large pack of Andes mint chocolates are currently on sale for 5rmb at the counter of an imported confectionery store in B1 of ShunCheng Plaza. Same 90% scenario as Watsons. The store houses great imports like the Akai Bohshi Red Box from Japan. A giant Jelly Belly Bean dispenser is visible in the back.

German Ritter bars are quite common in Kunming as @tiger alluded to. My favorite flavors are hazelnut and rum & raisin. The cornflake yellow pack tastes cheap like Nestle waffles.

My teeth are not fond of Toblerone. They remind me of Tootsie Rolls but not as brick hard.

dolphin (509 posts) • -2

How did Snickers get such a stranglehold monopoly in the chocolate scene in China? It's completely redonkulous that this mediocre at best chocolate is sold in millions of these hole in the wall corner stores with nary another option. Are the Chocolate Gods out to torture us?

Everywhere you go. Snickers. When we go to Hell, there will be nothing but Snickers bars available

Some genius official has bought himself a 20 million US dollar mansion in a western country off this "Snickers scam" for sure. Getting rich by degrading other people's lives is the best way to get rich.

AlPage48 (1195 posts) • 0

Snickers, M&Ms and Dove are all products of Mars Candy.

I actually prefer a plain Mars bar but they're not available here.
Somebody must have picked up on an internet search that Snickers is AMERICA'S favorite and therefore assumed it is everyone's favorite.

ricsnap (185 posts) • 0

It's a sad world without European chocolate especially in winter. But in UK and US is sad as well if you buy that sugary local crap.
Buy Ritter when you find it, or make your own Nutella (roast hazelnuts) with a fraction of sugar and you'll live happily longer. I've recently found an easier way to make it, by stirring cocoa powder in bitter organic honey.
As always, the trick to long life is in the melting pot. Learn from the locals by staying away from sugar, while sticking to your cravings for cocoa.

dolphin (509 posts) • 0

Sorry, I am not finished my rant.
I can live with a cholcolate bar named after a planet, but

Snickers is an absolutely stupid name for a chocolate bar. Anyone else notice that?

Anonymous Coward (328 posts) • 0

Believe it or not (as far as I can tell), the quality of some of the Mars products in China is actually superior to the crap they sell in the US market. American milk "chocolate" consists largely of high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil. It tastes disgusting and is so sweet it makes your teeth hurt. It boggles the mind why a company like Mars sells inferior goods in its home market.

I recommend going to Walmart and picking up a 200g bar of Whittaker's (New Zealand) chocolate. It's a pretty good deal for 29RMB. Ritter is a good one too, but normally a bit pricey.

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