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chocolate that isn’t snickers?

lemon lover (887 posts) • 0

It is named after a Greek god.
Snickers is another Greek god.

@Anonymous Coward
Because they can get away with it.

wenshidi (25 posts) • 0

Walmart carries the Australian brand Whittakers. You probably will not want to eat UK or American chocolate after sampling this.
Wicker baskets has the most amazing home made chocolate dipped cookies and a very sensuous fudge caramel cake that will make your eyes water.

For some reason it is called Canada Cake.

bilingualexpat (219 posts) • 0


I respect any novice or veteran chocolatier who DIY their own truffles, especially with organic honey! lol

speaking of which, Truffles d'Or from Belgium are on sale at Parkson. Similar ones from France look tempting as well.

AlPage48 (1220 posts) • 0

I'm from Canada but have never heard of anything called "Canada Cake".

If it's traditional then it must also be regional.

amydsouzaamydsouza (13 posts) • 0

hey @ricsnap, I tried making Nutella at home. It tasted really well. I definitely recommend that to everyone!

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