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Traditional Chinese Tailor

GracieMei (32 posts) • 0

I'm looking for a tailor who can make a beautiful traditional Chinese dress for me to wear to a Murder Mystery Game that is set in ancient China.

Any idea where I could find a tailor?

I am not interested in renting an outfit, but prefer to have something made to fit me that I can wear again in the future.

So, what help can you give me to find a fabulous tailor?

Thanks in advance!

JanJal (651 posts) • +1

My wife got a Chinese cheongsam (for our wedding reception in my home country) from a shop in Beijing Lu. Could remember wrong, but I recall few blocks south from the old north railway station, east side of the road.

She picked a dress she liked from the shelf, and then the shop adjusted it to her exact fit. I'm not sure if the shop tailors from scratch, but it was just as good for us.

alienew (423 posts) • 0

You might try to find a tailor who does some work for theatrical types (plays, tv, movies) who would know something about dress styles at different periods of Chinese history.

Saraswati (10 posts) • 0

There is a great tailor in the main building at the bird and flower market, I'm convinced she can do anything. She works quickly and her prices are reasonable. She mostly works with linen, but if you want a different material you can buy it and bring it to her.

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