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Other cities have sites like "GoKunming"?

MrPink (24 posts) • +3

Gokunming is the best expat website in China and one of the best websites on the planet. It is focused, open-minded, easy to use, and doesn't put up with over the top advertising. As with any business, it is always about its people, but I also think you can take this concept and apply it to any expat group in China and beyond.

JanJal (1161 posts) • 0


It is all relative.

Kunming has too small expat population, and it is too far from "where things happen" to be in any way significant for majority of foreign expats in China.

Kunming is one of the last places in China where "new" regulations about visas, employment, or making business get implemented - therefore the information on this website will also always lag behind with what most expats in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen expat populations look for. And that's where most of them go.

On the plus side, Kunming is small enough to not atrract too many spammers, and that includes this website.

It does also serve purpose locally.

Yunnan is a good trip destination, whether you are expat living in Shanghai or in some smaller city on the coast, and this website is good source for relevant local information. Though last I checked, the search features are technically not on par with some other expat sites in China.

darkone264 (108 posts) • -1

the chongqing website is pretty dead last time I was there it had not been updated in 4 months. also the foreign presence in chongqing isn't huge they dont really have a need for a gokunming like website.

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