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Forums > Study > Help Deciding: Dialect vs Homestudy vs School

Do not go Beijing anyway unless you don’t care the air quality. I suggest you choose a southern city.
Southern culture and pronunciation is the true and standard of speaking. The north is the minority from the history.
Shanghai would be your best choice I believe or Suzhou

Forums > Living in Kunming > Single Mom in Kunming

You can post on this site that you need a nanny full time/part time both, I believe that there’re nannies who can speak English here.
Teach online is a great idea

Forums > Living in Kunming > Single Mom in Kunming

Hi Anne, it’s able to find a nanny but not sure if she can speak English, also I think some university foreign students they could help perhaps.
I’d say it’s feasible, and it’s better to teach in a university


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