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Other cities have sites like "GoKunming"?

englishbusiness (9 posts) • +2

Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask if anyone knows of anyone websites like GoKunming in other cities. This website has been an invaluable tool while we have lived here and as we are thinking about moving cities I'm wondering if anyone of you guys have lived in a city that had a website like this with such a helpful online community and resources? If so which cities/websites? Thanks guys :)

Alien (3819 posts) • +1

I like gokunming, but are you thinking of picking a Chinese city to move to on the basis of whether or not it has an English-language website directed towards foreigners?

englishbusiness (9 posts) • +3

No it's more the community. I mean some cities just have a really active facebook group and that's fine as well. Just as long as there is sort of community, that's just something that's important to us.

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