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hotels in Yunnan

JanJal (1077 posts) • 0

As was already pointed in this thread, Yunnan hotels generally have more relaxed policies than hotels in some (I suspect not many) other provinces. And since this thread is about hotels in Yunnan specifically, I wouldn't worry much.

My personal experience in Chonqing was from a 3 star hotel, after which we were forced (well there was the airport bench option still) to upgrade to nearby more expensive 4-or-so star.

I would have preferred to NOT be pampered that way and save a couple of hundreds in the process, but that was denied.

Notably a call to police was made in Chinese in the presence of the hotel staff, but it changed nothing.

With or without computer systems, establishments (however small) should still register their guests to police, and if they fail to do that they are in violation of law.

Some hotels recognize that they are not staffed to do this, and the question is then whether they use their right to refuse guests, or risk getting caught from breaking law.

Places like Lijiang surely get enough visitors for all operators to know the procedures and have the infrastructure.

But if trekking somewhere middle of nowhere, even in Yunnan, and you end up to a guesthouse, you may be getting a bed not because someone is following law, but because they are breaking it.

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

Walking around Mengzi looking for a an economy hotel that will accept a foreigner? Better have really really really light luggage and comfortable shoes. Not advisable. Possibly one of the chain homeinn or 7day can process a walk-in, but even that's not always the case in tier3 cities. You can always try the touts at the bus station and stay at their back alley bingguan if you get hard up or taxi to 5star, your preference. Been to Mengzi plenty, suggest you cough up that 20rmb booking fee as a solo foreigner. Now if you have a Chinese wife to travel with, sure, hit the town and go find your lodging for the night.

joming (19 posts) • +1

For those looking for swanky 5-star international hotels in town to chill, our spring city just added Sheraton Kunming to a short list. The hotel chain's first one in Kunming.

Yes, some rooms have bathtubs with a city view as previous posters have inquired about in another thread.

Perhaps Sheraton Kunming's buffet will challenge InterContinental's, which I'm left unimpressed.

Design picture of Sheraton's indoor heated infinity pool:[...]

The new Sheraton Kunming is located near Kunming University in the development zone of Guandu District. Not far from Yangfutou Station of the new Line 4 subway.

More info:

GeogramattGeogramatt (197 posts) • 0

Good luck finding a hotel in Mengzi that will take you (that isn't some stupidly expensive luxury hotel).

I've found accommodations upon arrival in hundreds of cities and towns throughout Yunnan, and Mengzi was one of the most difficult. Had to try about 5 hotels before I found one that would take me.

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