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wanderlust9 (35 posts) • 0

Has anyone taken classes at Keats before? How was your experience?

I am only staying in China for one more year and really want to cram in a lot more Chinese before I move back home.

Any information is appreciated! Thanks!

Alexez (349 posts) • 0

Im thinking of to leave Yunda next semester. Change to a different, more useful school were to learn the Chinese actualy used and spoken by normal people. Altho teachers are very good, but classes are full (15-25 people ) and they still use those Boya non-sense books. I dont want to be a writer of Chinese novels, I need to speak & understand. So I have same question then:-)

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

I've had friends attend Keats before. Small classes, more useful Chinese than at the universities, a little more expensive but more chance to practice.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

My experience was good. I was there in 2006 for a year. I was living there and studied there. The owner of the school was/is always looking to improve and will listen to you if you have any complaints (of which I had none). I did the one-on-one and felt comfortable and felt safe in that environment. Although as I look back, I probably could have gotten something more cheaper in price but I have no regrets. Overall it was to my liking.

forrestfire (9 posts) • 0

I'm currently studying at Keats and would definitely recommend it.

Positives are that the teaching quality is very good (I've studied at a range of small schools/universities in China over the years and I would say Keats is as good as if not better than the vast majority) and a good atmosphere - classmates are committed to studying which is good for improving.

Only negatives I can think of right now are that the classes can be a little on the large side, but this is only a minor drawback. You could possibly get cheaper classes elsewhere, I'm not sure, but I think the cost is good value.

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Don't know about class size these days, but it used to be around 10, maybe fewer. Reports are good for one-on-one, though a little expensive. My class was largely of new arrivals in Kunming who didn't really know their way around yet - Keats had housing for them.

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