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Kunming hotels near green lake park with 24 hour r

Delibeli (21 posts) • 0

Hi I am hoping to get some advice about hotels near green lake park. I will arrive on a late night flight at around 00:30am and am looking for a hotel near green lake park which has a 24 hour reception desk.

I thought someone might know of a good hotel which I plan to stay in for a few nights near the specified location.

Also I take it a shuttle bus won't be running that late at night so will getting a taxi from the airport be any trouble?

I would be so grateful to get some advice as I have never been to Kunming before and it's a must to get a hotel either close or around the green lake park due to going to the university within that area, thank you in advance.

DanTheMan (620 posts) • 0

Shuttle might still be running. Take route 1 to Nanjiang Binguan. Otherwise taxi should be no problem.

What's your price range?

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

green lake hotel. upmarket but for first night it wont break the bank. then if you dont need 24hr the lost garden is just nearby about 300m

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Home Inn on Yuantong Lu (street), near Beimin Jie - couple of blocks (down the hill) from Green Lake...and cheap, open 0700-0100

Home Inn are the cheap business hotels - no frills, but relatively clean, safe, secure. It's a budget hotel, so exercise some common sense and do NOT leave your valuables laying around.

I forget the rates, but they're sub ¥300 a nite and cheaper for long-term stays (ask for the rates). They usually have a terrible breakfast, that matches the budget hotel - but it's edible (and how bad can one actually make boiled eggs and rice congee taste)

BEST if you can pre-book/reserve a room - use ctrip.com (english version) to look for hotels around coif - they have international toll-free lines to assist non-chinese travelers.

ctrip.com people can help you make reservations and they're NOT overly expensive. Below is info for home inn green lake - at the bottom is the link for the home inn yuantonsi - a few blocks (short walk) from green lake - with more food options (depending on your ability to look at pictures and point in restaurants).

Home Inn Kunming Cuihu
No.152 Cuihu South Road, Kunming 650021, China

Chinese Name: 昆明如家翠湖店

Local address: 650021翠湖南路152

WEBLINKS - Home Inn on Green Lake Street

WEBLINK - Home Inn on Yuantong Street (10 minutes from the green lake loop road.


Delibeli (21 posts) • 0

Wow thank you so much for all the information given so far, it has been really useful.

My budget is around 300 RMB per day although the cheaper the better as I am just looking for a clean and safe place to sleep for a few nights as I sort out my study situation.

I will check out Ctrip and hopefully find a hotel suitable.

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

Also try booking.com You can book your hotel through them with no booking fee. They have the cheapest prices I've found.
Welcome to Kunming!

Haali (1178 posts) • 0

You could checkout Cloudland Hostel, and Lost Garden (which is hard to find at first but a nice quiet spot).

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

As @haali mentioned, Lost Garden is quite nice, has it's own restaurant, english speaking staff (at both checkin AND the restaurant), and is about 100 meters from the green lake loop. Also - Lost Garden advertises on gokm, although I'm not sure about their daily/weekly rates - just search (look REALLY HARD for the search button AFTER you click the Listings menu) for them on the gokm website. And initially they're REALLY difficult to find (for someone like me - direction and location challenged). However, once you make it to the mouth of the alleyway they're located in, there's a rather large sign showing which way to walk...50/50 chance of screwing that up.

Green Lake Road (cuifu lu) circumnavigates green lake and is a REALLy nice walk, depending on the time of day. AVOID the morning and evening rush hours - the smog from cars and buses is toxic.

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

I think Upland is the one close to Greenlake. If you're trying to book either Lost Garden or Upland during summer or holidays, you need to do so like a few weeks or even a month in advance for rooms.

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