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Where to buy green tea?

A12345 (102 posts) • 0

I'd like to buy hibiscus tea and have some choice in kind, quality and price.

Where to go?

gbtexdoc (218 posts) • 0

There are two wholesale tea markets here, one north and one south. The most convenient one if you live in the center of Kunming is the north one. Here's the name and address for taxi purposes.


It's near 二环北路 and the intersection of 金卖路

I usually ride bus#25, but several others go there, depending on your starting point. (Check Baidu Maps.)

But you don't need to go to a wholesale market for Hibiscus tea, which isn't really even tea after all. Any Walmart store will have it as well as many of the small hole-in-the wall tea shops. Most carry a few flower teas and herbal teas (albeit not a large selection.)

Hibiscus tea is 芙蓉茶/fúróng chá, in case you want to write it out.

gbtexdoc (218 posts) • 0

You're welcome, hope you find it.

The most common flower teas here so far as I have seen are chrysanthemum 菊花茶 and rose 红玫瑰。 You can also buy packets of dried lemon slices.

Lots of other herbal teas can be made from items found in the TCM pharmacies.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

if you know where metro is. with back to beijing lu, at the metro traffic lights turn right. go down about 1km and just before 2nd ring road on both sides of the road is tea markets. ther is another one just behind dashanghui. one block further down guangfu lu and then 2nd block north

marcuschen (178 posts) • 0

Try the large tea market/tea city on Guangnan lu. It is I think the most authentic.

A12345 (102 posts) • 0

I went to


Asking around for 芙蓉茶/木槿属 was not successful. Inputting 木槿属 into baidu and showing pictures did not help.

One seller said perhaps 芙蓉茶 is a (different) kind of green tea and that perhaps what I meant was 芙蓉花 and that these kinds of flowers are grown in the villages, but not sold as tea.

I instead bought a few bags of flower tea, and found them very bitter.

I should find a complete list of subspecies and try with that again.

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