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Water Filter Recommendations

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • +1

Any recommendations on buying water filtration units in Kunming? I'd prefer local shops and an easy diy setup, but I'm open to any ideas and taobao. Thanks in advance.

bubblyian (79 posts) • +1

Does anyone have any specific recommendations for something simple to attach to the tap, to produce safe drinking water?

michael2015 (757 posts) • 0

Suggest you ask the guys at Salvadors or other expat restaurants for a referral. Salvadors' water - always fresh and clean - which makes for really good coffee, tea, juice drinks etc.

Plus their system is industrial grade - so they can also provide advice on changing the filters (regularly scheduled maintenance)...

AlPage48 (1332 posts) • +1

When we got our new apartment last year we purchased a Haier 3 stage purification system.

It works great and is about half the price of the Amway system we had previously.

It requires a permanent water connection, electric connection, and for some reason, drain connection.

Cost was about 2,500 RMB.

Because there are only 2 of us the filters are lasting longer than the published "average".

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