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Chinese Wedding Traditions.


TenWest Language School will start its 3rd year of Chinese cultural activities called 说吧(SHUOBA. We’ll organize two events every month from September 2018 to January 2019. The activities are to improve the international students’ Chinese language skills and their cultural knowledge. Each event will be posted on GoKunming.com, Facebook, and TenWest WeChat public account for at least one week in advance about when and where the event will be held.

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On November 28th, 2018 TenWest will offer a Cultural activity. The topic is Chinese Wedding Traditions. This topic is very valuable. It will help you to know the Chinese transitional core value and their marriage concept.

TenWest has two teachers who had just finished their weddings, so one of them will share her wedding video, and her testimony too. You will also have opportunity to practice your spoken Chinese to share the wedding tradition in your country. The following is the Chinese vocabulary that you need to know for Chinese wedding traditions.

Chinese/ English
婚(hūn) 礼(lǐ)
习(xí) 俗(sú)

说(shuō) 媒(méi)
Mach making
求(qiú) 婚(hūn)
订(dìng) 婚(hūn)
新(xīn) 郎(láng)
Bride groom

新(xīn) 娘(niáng)
嫁(jià) 妆(zhuang)
迎(yíng) 亲(qīn)
(of the bridegroom) go to the bride's home to escort her back to wedding
盖(gài) 头(tóu)
bridal veil
拜(bài) 堂(táng)
perform formal bows by bride and groom in the old custom in China
婚(hūn) 宴(yàn)
wedding reception
闹(nào) 洞(dòng) 房(fáng)
rough horseplay at weddings; Bridal chamber; bridal chamber pranks
百(bǎi) 年(nián) 好(hǎo) 合(hé)
remain a devoted couple to the end of their lives.
早(zǎo) 生(shēng) 贵(guì) 子(zǐ)
early birth of a healthy baby

This culture activities start at 19:00. Any international Chinese language learners are invited to join. it is free admission.

The only requirement is to sign up this culture activity by email or by call our cell phone no later than November 27th.

Your suggestions and ideas to improve 说吧(Shuoba) are welcome.
Location: TenWest Language School, 8thFloor, Carnival Building A, Linyu Road. 昆明市北市区霖雨路嘉年华A座8楼 英海学校。(Take subway blue line 2 to LinyuqiaoStation, take Exit A and walk one block west to the Carnival building on northwest corner of Linyu Road and Panlong river)

Time: November 28th, 2018. Start from19:00 to 20:30.

Admission is FREE, but please register by email NLT November 27th.

Email: tenwest.km@hotmail.com
Tel: 0871-65747722

Web: www.tenwest.cn

WeChat Public Account: TENWEST英海学校

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