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Keats International Cuisine Festival

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You are cordially invited to 2018 Dragon Boat Festival Keats International Cuisine Festival to win prizes.

When: June 19th Tuesday 10:30am to 3:30pm
Where: Keats School
Who: All Keats Teachers and Keats Students (You are welcome to bring your friends, expats only)


- Fun Games and Earn Points. Prizes include 1 semester of FREE tuition and RMB cash (400 yuan and 200 yuan).
- Make rice dumplings and have lunch at Keats
- Prepare your country’s food and bring it to participate in the cuisine contest. Prizes include RMB cash (500 yuan, 300 yuan and 100 yuan).
- Feeling lucky? Participate in our Raffle Contest!

- Enjoy FREE authentic Chinese food and learn Chinese culture
- Fun games
- Fun networking opportunities for all ages and professional backgrounds

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