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Tenwest Chinese Cultural Activities: Shuoba 说吧


"In order to master a language, it is impossible to separate the language from its culture."

Tenwest organizes a series of cultural activities every semester to improve international students’ Chinese language skills. These cultural activities, called 说吧(Shuoba), have been running over the past two years and are open to all Chinese language learners.

We host two 说吧(Shuoba) events every month and post them at least one week in advance, on GoKunming, Facebook and Tenwest WeChat public account. You will get information about when and where the event will be hold.

This Spring Semester 说吧(Shuoba) starts from March to June, 2018.

The first 说吧(Shuoba) for this semester is a “Chinese Cooking Class”
We will demonstrate how to prepare “Wok-Fried Pork Home Style ” and “Crispy Potato Shreds”, and after finishing cooking all people have dinner and share ideas together at TenWest.

Time: 17:00 to 19:00, Friday, March 23rd, 2018.
Location: TenWest Language School, 8th Floor, Carnival Building A, Linyu Road.
(Take subway blue line 2 to Linyuqiao Station, get out from Exit A and walk one block west to the Carnival building on northwest corner of Linyu Road and Panlong river)

Admission: FREE

We are glad to take any suggestions or ideas from you to improve 说吧(Shuoba)

Email: tenwest.km@hotmail.com
Tel: 0871-65747722 Cell: 13759190098

Web: www.tenwest.cn Facebook:@tenwestschool
WeChat Public Account: TENWEST英海学校

Please subscribe our Facebook and WeChat to get the latest information for 说吧 (Shuoba)

We look forward to your coming.

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