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Chengjiang Fossils Exhibition


The 530 million years old Chengjiang fossil site is located in Yuxi, with an area of 512 hectares. It is reputed as one of the most amazing ancient biological discoveries in twentieth Century since 1984. Moreover, the fossil site was listed as a world natural heritage in 2012, which filled in the blank of natural heritage list about fossil in China.

Chengjiang World Natural Heritage Management Committee has worked hard to promote the fossil site after successfully applying for the world natural heritage in 2012. The working staff of the committee have taken useful measures to make more and more people know about fossils, such as writing textbooks, holding exhibitions, shooting videos and the like.

It is the first time to combine paleontological fossils with modern life in the process of holding exhibition. The exhibition is endowed with great living atmosphere when citizens participate in the activities, including flower arrangement, preserved fruits making, tea-tasting and so on. This way empowers visitors appreciating the charming of blunt fossil specimens in shape of landscapes.

Cartoonists will share their skills of creating fossil comics and some old utensils used in past Kunming on the spot from 2 to 5pm on December 24th.

10:30am to 8:30pm

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