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Culture Nov 7 – Nov 23 20 yuan

New Repertoire Performances of Yunnan


One of the biggest performance event happening every other year in Yunnan. There will be 27 local shows themes on minority culture, history, and the peaceful life of Yunnan people, including dance, opera and drama, which are selected from prefecture art teams.

Tickets: 20-40 yuan

Performances at the Yunnan Art Institute (Location)
Tues. 11/07-8pm "Dance poem" 舞蹈诗《心·悟》
Thurs. 11/09-8pm Minority "dance poem" 民族舞蹈诗《独龙情怀》
Sat. 11/11-8pm Drama 话剧《生死倒计时》
Mon. 11/14-8pm "Natural Song and Dance of Wa People" 原生态歌舞剧《族印司岗里》
Thurs. 11/16-8pm Yi Music 彝族风情音乐会《彝珠》
Sat. 11/18-8pm "Flower Lantern Dance Opera" 花灯剧《郑喇叭外传》
Mon. 11/20-8pm Beijing Opera 京剧《巾帼小将》
Thus. 11/23-8pm Musical 音乐剧《爱如星火》
Performances at the Yunnan Song and Dance Theatre (Location)
Wed. 11/08-8pm Original Dai dance drama 原创傣族舞剧《顶家女儿》
Mon. 11/13-8pm Zhuang Opera 壮族歌舞剧《太阳鸟母》
Wed. 11/15-8pm Drama 话剧《独龙天路》
Mon. 11/20-8pm Opera 歌剧《睡美人》
Performances at the Kunming Theater (Location)
Thurs. 11/09-8pm Song and dance show 歌舞晚会《吉祥迪庆》
Fri. 11/10-2pm Song and dance show 歌舞晚会《吉祥迪庆》下午评委场
Tues. 11/14-8pm Bai opera 白剧《数西调》
Fri. 11/17-8pm New Yunnan Opera 新编滇剧《贵妇还乡》

Performances at the Kunming Assembly Hall (Chenggong)
Fri. 11/10-8pm Ethnic minority modern dance drama 民族现代舞剧《云水传奇》
Sat. 11/11-8pm Ethnic minority modern dance drama 民族现代舞剧《云水传奇》
Wed. 11/15-8pm Ethnic minority modern dance drama 民族歌舞诗《怒江山、水、人》

Performances at the Dianju Yunnan Theatre (Location)
Fri. 11/10-8pm Large modern Yunnan drama 大型现代滇剧《流动》
Sun. 11/12-8pm "Lantern Festival" 花灯戏《省委书记王德三》
Fri. 11/17-8pm Yunnan opera drama music party 滇剧戏曲音乐晚会《滇腔琴韵》
Sun. 11/19-8pm Dai minority "Zhang Ha play" 傣族章哈剧《西双版纳的黎明》
Tues. 11/21-8pm "Lantern Festival" 花灯剧《千里送鹅毛》

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