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2015 Spirit Tribe 灵族 Gathering


On the 4th 5th and 6th of April GoaProductions will present Spirit Tribe, a three-day Psytrance music and art gathering on 200,000sqm of pristine nature just outside of Kunming in Yunnan. This is a project that we have been working towards for some time now. It is clear that the global psychedelic Trance movement has developed into more than “just a party”. The scene at large attracts and contains artists of all kinds, not just simply musicians. There are visionary artists that use both digital and traditional mediums, performance artists who excel at things like poi and fire spinning. But beyond the art there is also a cultural aspect deals with concepts like lifestyle, sustainability, the environment, society, awareness, consciousness, reality, happiness, and love, which are actually some of the principal issues that the human race is facing today. At the “big” global psytrance festivals you can find workshops, classes and lectures on innumerable topics where knowledge is shared and ideas are discussed with the hope that everyone can take something new away with them that will not only benefit themselves but also our species as a whole. People can participate in learning spiritual art forms like yoga or meditation. They can attend lectures on subjects that allow them to expand awareness of their place in the universe and how to incorporate some of these ideas into their everyday lives.

GoaProductions is nowhere near being able to produce a festival of this kind in China, however we hope that with these first small steps towards building our own Spirit Tribe we are embarking upon the path to creating an environment that will allow a truly meaningful festival to become a reality in the Middle Kingdom.
We have gathered together not only DJs from the Chinese Psytrance scene but also people that link into the wider culture we hope to see blossom all over the world. Alternative thinkers living outside the box, musicians, artists, spinners, jugglers, digital shamans, painters, poets, environmentalists, philosophers and many more.
Join us for three days of music, art, culture and nature where you can immerse yourself into in a creative environment.
Connect, share, experience, and learn!

There will also be yoga, creative workshops and a few lectures to boot!!

This first edition of Spirit Tribe is limited to 250 people only, this is so that we can provide the best experience possible and also ensure that the event is sustainable for the land and our current level of experience and expertise. Reservations are essential! If you would like to come, please get in touch with us and we will reserve you a place. Please don’t wait until the last minute—we expect that spaces will fill very quickly.
The land Spirit Tribe is on is not only an area of breath taking natural beauty, but also our home.

As well as having an amazing time please respect the nature, environment and our home. There are a few conditions that everyone attending Spirit Tribe needs to adhere to.

1. Absolutely under no circumstances are any fires of any kind allowed. The event will be held during the dry season and forest fires are a very real danger. This also means that no BBQs, charcoal, petroleum, firelighters, gas, electric stoves or cooking apparatus of any kind are allowed on the site. Neither are glass bottles as they also are a fire hazard. We have to make sure of this, so please understand that searches will be carried out.
2. No illegal substances may be brought onto the Site.
3. Attendees agree to abide by all of the laws of The People’s Republic of China. Anyone found to be doing anything illegal will be reported to the authorities
4. Aggressive and violent behaviour is totally against everything we stand for. Please respect all your fellow tribes people and help to create a positive space full of creativity, freedom and exchange
5. Camping is in marked areas only
6. Please help us to look after the environment by taking care of your rubbish, we will supply you with rubbish bags, help us to keep our home clean.

˙·٠•●۞●ॐSEE YOU AT SPIRIT TRIBEॐ●۞ ●•٠·˙

Entrance: Tickets go on sale on the 18th of Feb, 260Rmb early bird (limited to 50 tickets) 2nd round 300Rmb (70 tickets) 360rmb after (All include transport there and back from Kunming)

How to buy Tickets -

- paypal and international cards
- Taobao
- Alipay: info@goaproductions.com

Direct from our people around China -
Beijing: 798/Sanlitun 185 1345 0115 Gulou 186 1117 8942
Shanghai: Former French Concession/Jing’an 138 1766 9794 Hongqiao/People Square 186 2127 0092
Kunming: 136 2969 0416
Dali: 186 8728 7167
Shenzhen 187 1856 6287
Guiyang: 186 91380729
Xi’an: 186 29415100

Venue: Spirit Tribe
Address: Spirit Tribe Village, Taiping, Anning, Yunnan
Info: 136 01348477
Email: info@goaproductions.com

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