Spirit Tribe is a unique, independent, creative community project in Yunnan China. The community is made up of musicians artists, yoga and taiji teachers, creative types, as well as people generally just interested in alternative, sustainable ways of life that are more in tune with nature.
Located in Taiping (the back garden of Kunming) just behind the western mountains, it is only 37 km from the center of Kunming, roughly half an hour drive.

We have 250000sqm of pristine nature we are preserving and protecting, with a lake, two valleys, some woodland area and a magnificent mountain peak from which glorious sunsets can be seen.
Activities are going on all the time to take part in and people are welcome to drop by any day of the week. A pick up and drop off service from Kunming is available upon request.

Some of the creative projects and classes we have going on cover things like:
• Sustainable farming & permaculture producing our own organic food
• Naturally produced products like jam, beer, cider, granola, toothpaste, creams and oils.
• Acupuncture, massage, and aromatherapy.
• Cooking classes on both western and Chinese food.
• Yoga, taiji and meditation classes with experienced residential teachers.
• Music events and art exhibitions featuring international as well as local artists and musicians.
• Workshops on a wide range of topics, such as: art, poi, dance and music production.
Pretty much anything creative and educational, our motto is: “Connect, experience, share, learn.”

On site facilities include a Chinese and western restaurant, with a wide and varied menu made from locally sourced produce, BBQ, camping area, hiking trails, bonfire, and an outdoor cinema.

In addition our facilities and land are available to rent for private or company functions and we have both short and long term accommodation available.

Come and join the Spirit Tribe to learn something new, or just enjoy the food, nature and views.

For more information about upcoming events and booking contact us on: info[at]spirit-tribe-community[dot]com or 13368847664

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Unreal, or maybe surreal, depending on the event,venue. Just went for the Spirit Tribe Psytrance party. Haven't been to a place/event like this in Yunnan for years. Big outdoor area, space for camping walking etc and basic facilities + hippie madness. Loved it. Congrats and admiration for the courage and conviction it takes to make a place like this happen.