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Coming up: Labor Day Holidays

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On Friday May 1, the first national holiday since Spring Festival begins. Officially this holiday consists of five days off for the Labor Day holidays, with two 'make-up-for-lost-work' compensation days in the weekends preceding and following the holiday.

However, this year many students and teachers will have to make up for class time that was lost over the last couple of months and won't enjoy the full holiday. Furthermore, teachers and students are advised not to travel outside Kunming. For those who do have the full five days off, with business, everyday life and social gatherings having been severely disrupted because of Covid-19 measures, it will not be a holiday as usual just yet either.

Here are some tips for things to do in Kunming, or further afield in Yunnan. Please be sure to have the green 'health code' (see 'Embassy and Chinese government advice') on your phone and head out for a well-deserved break, while keeping the ongoing Covid-19 situation and necessary measures in mind. If you have a quarantine certificate or a health certificate it would be a good idea to bring them with you when you travel.

A Kunming staycation

Not traveling? Kunming has plenty to offer, whether it's indoors or outdoors.

Parks have reopened in Kunming, and as this is the season of abundant blossoms, why not head out to Black Dragon Pool park to photograph and smell the flowers? Nearby are the Botanical Gardens and the Golden Temple. Another relaxing Kunming destination with beautiful views is Daguan Park.

If you would like more vigorous exercise and sweeping views of the city and Dianchi Lake, the path up to Dragon Gate on Xishan is open to walkers.

Culture lovers are also being served — The Yunnan Provincial Museum is open, and Contemporary Gallery Kunming has a new exhibition on with drawings from the central academy on show.

For more indoors activities and nightlife options, check out our calendar which is filling up with a range of live music events, parties, food specials and dance classes.

Traveling in Yunnan

The options for accommodation are a bit limited for foreigners at present, and not all tourist destinations are open to Chinese and/or foreign tourists. Please check out our regulary updated information on accommodation and entry to tourist destinations (see 'Outside Kunming').

The good news is that many destinations — such as the Stone Forest — offer big discounts right now. Many places will be quiet and peaceful, without the usual national holiday crowds.

If you have questions about specific activities or destinations, please feel free to ask them in the comments below this article, or on the forum.

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