Dragon Gate, also known as Longmen (龙门), is a unique spot on the outskirts of Kunming that offers both history and nature. Set in the Western Hills, Dragon Gate is a complex of grottoes and sculptures carved directly into the rock face. A trip to this Qing Dynasty site takes you through green forests and by lakes, ending at the rocky cliffs of Dragon Gate. It's a quiet place, away from the city's hustle, where you can take in a bit of China's past.

The view from Dragon Gate is worth the trip. From the top, you get a clear view of Dianchi Lake and the city of Kunming. The higher you go, the better it gets. Inside the grottoes, you'll find carvings and inscriptions, telling stories of Buddhist teachings and legends. A visit to Dragon Gate isn't just a day out, it's a step back in time and a chance to see a less-traveled side of China.

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  • NameDragon Gate
  • AddressAtop the Western Hills, Kunming
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Dragon Gate • Atop the Western Hills

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