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Forums > Study > YunDa doesn't give me my money back!

If you have trouble, you could I guess talk to

Foreign Office, Education Department of Yunnan Province (Kunming)

Tel: (0871) 5141238
Fax: (0871) 5141355
Zip Code: 650223

They may be able to assist you.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Any last words to Google? 88...

Well itr seems no access to ANY Google now.

I for one cannot do without Google Scholar.

I will more than likely leave in the wake of this ridiculous censorship.

If they want to censor politically sensitive or subversive stuff thats fine (ish) by me. But blocking Google Scholar is serious dent in any kind of serious academic work.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Salvador's Solidarity

Absolutely agree with all this. This should not happen to anyone.

Best wishes to you guys and I hope you are up and running again soon. The town needs you, and from the sound of posts here, no one is going to be put off by this incident.

I will certainly make a point to spend some RMB with you when I see you open again.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Gay Life in Kunming

www.yntz.net is another source - if your chinese is up to it. I believe a lot of contact is made on the net - primarily via QQ. but I have to say, setting up a QQ account was an impenetrable barrier for me.

I'm living here with two other overeeas gay friends (been her for a year) and we have gradually made a few gay friends in the local community.



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When frustration eventually erupts after so long being suppressed, it seems it often does it without any rationality. The people who were killed or injured did not deserve it. The perpetrators should not have done it, but nor should they have been driven to it.

I hope that those who are the cause of the frustrations that resulted in this tragedy will reflect and consider addressing the causes rather than just clamping down even harder.

I want to make a request that reports have dates on them. When a report says something happened 'yesterday' and that something else is happening 'today', this may mean a great deal to the writer, but there is nowhere in this article which allows me to see when 'yesterday' and 'today' actually are.

As for the use of mains re-charging - I think the report actually says that the solar panels on the car supply about half the energy required. I guess this car is on the road much longer each day than the average car.

I guess solar powered cars will signal an end to multi-storey, underground and in building car parks. We will all want our cars roasting in the sun all day to get the batteries charged up ready for our daily commuting.


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